Hey, I'm Ruth!

I'm a certified career and body language coach. I want to help you find the job you were called for and be absolutely confident and ready to capture the attention of the employers you want to work with.


What do you want to work on?


  • Your personal strengths, motivations and career values that underline your career direction.
  • Your career goals and formulate a practical and sustainable strategy to reach them.
  • Be held accountable daily/weekly/monthly until you reach your goals.


  • How to put together an employment package {resume + cover letter} that will get read by employers.
  • How to set up your social media so that you top Google searches when employers search for your name. 
  • How to find the job you want even when it hasn't been advertised(!)


  • Visually - Set the right tone for your interview, even before you speak, through your body language and dressing. 
  • Vocally - Convey authority, confidence and presence by using your voice effectively in any interview setting.
  • Verbally - Design strong responses to interview questions to capture the right attention. 

Let's get results!

Q: With so much free information about how to find your calling, write the perfect resume, dazzle your interviewers, etc - floating around the internet, why should I work with you?

A: Great question! Free information on the internet is both awesome and very helpful and if that is what you need at this point, that rocks my boat. But if you're looking for immediate, long-lasting results that have been tailored exactly for your unique situation, work with me. 

Here's what you'll get:  

  • a 60-minute coaching call to understand your situation
  • a customised training plan (if necessary)
  • follow-up and accountability to achieve results